Email  services are easily accessible, all you need is a personal email address to send and receive.

It's very convenient and gives you the time to write about the issue that you require support for. This also means that you can express your thoughts as they occur, at any time, rather than waiting for several days until the next session. Typing out your feelings in your own environment can be very healing.

Clients may not always have the time to attend face to face therapy. Email allows you to send an email to me while sitting in the park, on a train journey, during a break at work or while relaxed at home. Many clients who are housebound or have hearing difficulties also find emails  to be flexible and convenient.

Benefits of Email Consultation:


  • Take as much time as you like to get your thoughts and feelings down in writing.

  • Read and write emails at a time that suits you. There is no need for an appointment.

  • Writing down the things that are on your mind is very helpful in itself – the act of sharing can provide some relief. Articulating your thoughts, feelings and concerns in writing can begin to give insight into what is happening in your life.

  • It allows you and me to have extra time to consider issues and solutions more thoroughly.

  • Putting pen to paper, or in this case, hand to keyboard – is great for individuals who do not feel comfortable speaking about their problems out loud, or are more at ease with the written word.

  • Freedom to record what is on your mind as it occurs.

  • Writing in comfortable/familiar surroundings reduces your inhibitions, allowing you to be more open than you might be face-to-face.

  • Able to refer to the conversation history.



Just knowing that there is someone there to respond to your problems without judgement can provide an enormous sense of comfort and support to anyone attempting to overcome a difficult period in their life.


Payment can be made through bank transfer or PayPal

Online counselling has the same issues as face to face (f2f) counselling such as the timing of contact, confidentiality, codes of ethics, emergency contacts, holidays etc.  It also has some additional ones like what happens in the case of technical difficulties, security on line, type of email exchanges, making payment etc.    Having an agreement makes it clear before we start not only of each other’s expectations and boundaries but provides you with the secure knowledge that, just like in a closed room, your communications are held securely and confidentially.