Insomnia, whether related to stress or caused by other factors, can easily degrade a person's quality of life enormously. Not sleeping well can have a terrible effect on anyone's ability to function at peak performance as well as their general state of mind. While medication can certainly knock a person out, this also means only treating the surface problem without taking care of the root causes of insomnia.

Stress, anxiety and lifestyle factors, such as drinking alcohol or caffeine, can all contribute to insomnia and effective treatments can include looking into aclient’s ‘sleep hygiene’.

Sleep problems are extremely common. In most cases they are short-term and often related to psychosocial stressors and these can usually be managed by simple advice. If sleep problems are more persistent or recurrent, they are best termed as Insomnia.

Behavioural therapy for Insomnia should be first line therapy for most types of Insomnia.