Low sexual desire

What some may consider low sexual desire might be just low desire for a certain type of sexuality. ⠀

Due to the lack of healthy sexual education, most people are aware of quite a limited potential of sexual expression.

What image do you have when you think of sex? Probably fast, intense, super juicy action with a lot of friction and stimulation. ⠀

Well, that’s not the only way. ⠀

There is a way to make love very slowly, with a lot of cool and nurturing energy. A woman can deeply surrender into her softness and slowness, become heavy yet vibrantly alive and receptive like the Earth. ⠀

Note: there is a big difference between being passive and receptive. ⠀

There is nothing passive about being receptive!⠀

It is so important for women to experience this. That is the crucial piece to all feminine work.⠀

Making love in this way especially in the second half of a woman’s cycle is a very enriching experience. During this phase, you are invited by your own neurochemistry very deeply into your feminine energy. In terms of sexuality – that’s the one that is much like water – it takes a while to come to a boil, but can stay hot for a long time. So explore various ways to bring yourself to a boil, focus more on foreplay. ⠀

If you are experiencing low sexual desire, please contact me any time for more information.

Betty x

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