Mental Health and Nudism

Many people are often afraid of coming forward about their issues with mental health, but recently more people have been going without clothes to help take away the stigma surrounding depression. The idea being, if we are not afraid of getting naked, you should not be afraid of asking for help with your mental health.

But what is it that is so powerful about naturism that it can improve our mental health?

I used to think that it was the body acceptance, the shared sense of respect, the experience of pressure-free equality where you are trying to impress nobody, the absence of a socially defensive or competitive atmosphere. Perhaps it is all these things, and perhaps social nudity helps us to identify with each other better while we experience these things collectively.

How many times during this year's super-hot and humid summer did you just wish you could strip all your clothes off to cool down?

Well, it turns out being naked may not only be more comfortable but healthier as well. Some experts say that donning your birthday suit more often can help with myriad physical and psychological problems.

With your sleep, skin and supplements taken care of, there is of course the mental component to embracing your nude body. Being in the nude reduces shame and you can work on self-acceptance and that can be very healing.

But I think the answer lies elsewhere. I think the most significant factor is the fantastic people who are attracted to the naturist lifestyle. People with a joyless or dark agenda feel out of place and drift away from naturism if they are not already excluded because of something they did to make others uncomfortable. The people who remain involved are the best human beings in the world, and their positive life energy gets into you, to the point where you too have that same effect on others.

Naturism is like that. It is an example of one of the great truths in managing your mental health: if you want to feel better about yourself, surround yourself with great people.

Various studies have shown how being nude can be good for your physical and mental health. Even more studies have shown that certain items of clothing can have negative health effects. If you are not convinced bare is the way to be, check out these benefits of being nude.

When men bare skin is exposed to sunlight there is a definite increase in testosterone production. One study showed that exposing the back to sunlight increases testosterone production by 120% Even more impressive, exposure of the genitals to sunlight increased testosterone production by an incredible 200% Combining exercise with nudity in sunlight further enhances the effect.

For women, sleeping naked allows your lady bits to breathe, and that is a good thing. Underwear that are too tight or that do not breathe fully will trap moisture, which could lead to bacterial or fungal infections. Sleeping naked helps everybody regulate temperature, which is the No. 1 controllable factor in getting a good rest.

Nudity is also a part of massage therapy. Massage is recognized as a therapeutic treatment for mental health issues like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolarism, borderline personality disorder, learning difficulties, and low self-esteem. The skin stimulation of massage — improving blood flow and detoxifying the lymph system — is duplicated by the warmth, freedom, and improved circulation generated in nakedness.

Vitamin D deficiency is currently soaring, with up to 75% of teens and adults receiving insufficient amounts of the “sunshine vitamin.” Lack of this essential health aid is a factor in numerous ailments, including cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes. Anyone who bares all outside as a “naturist” harvests larger amounts of Vitamin D in a quicker time span.

With these personal experiences being so widespread, it can be no surprise that so many people report feeling a lot better about themselves during and after naturists experiences.

This seems to be particularly true for people who live with anxiety and depression, and for people who suffer from low self-esteem.

You do not need a mental health diagnosis to feel better about yourself. Our mental health is a wide continuum. For any of us, the important thing is not so much where we are on that continuum, but in which direction we are headed. Our mental health improves when we do things that consistently help us feel better about ourselves.

Nudity is absolutely a tool for a deeper level of self-discovery that I have a hard time accessing in any other part of my life doing any other activity.

There are a lot of things humans do today that have taken us away from our natural roots. But as it turns out, sometimes stripping back to the bare necessities may be all we need to be happier, and in turn, healthier. One study found that by simply spending more time naked, an individual can increase their body image, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. Getting back to nature in a very literal sense might make you a happier person overall.

So, get naked whenever you can and enjoy yourself :)

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