Psychotherapy can be a powerful, life-changing experience which can help you to improve your mental health, overcome social or emotional challenges, and fulfil your potential. It can help you with anxiety, feeling like you can’t cope, stress, lack of confidence, shyness, depression, sadness, grief,  emptiness, mood swings, relationships, sexual problems, divorce,  unemployment, panic attacks and phobias.


Depression is a low mood that lasts for weeks or months and affects your daily life.

The symptoms of depression can be complex and vary widely between people. If you're depressed, you may feel sad, hopeless and lose interest in things you used to enjoy.

Defence mechanisms

Defence mechanisms are psychological strategies brought into play by the unconscious mind to manipulate, deny, or distort reality in order to defend against feelings of anxiety and unacceptable impulses and to maintain one's self-schema


The various psychoses involve deficits in the autonomous ego functions of integration of thought, in abstraction ability, in relationship to reality and in reality testing.

In Practice

At your first appointment, I will make a full assessment of your problems.
This will involve a detailed discussion - (expect to spend an hour on this) - of your present difficulties, their effect on your daily life, how and when they arose, and your early life.
At the end of this - or at a later meeting - I aim to reach an understanding with you of your problem and its origins.

Following this assessment, I will be able to tell if this is the right service to help you.